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Day 5 Zhang Yixing aka Lay card #2
For my card, I'll be sharing memes and others things related to Lay. These are some of my favorite meme of Lay. They are so cute and funny. I apologize for the language in some of them.
Lay is a very busy man. Besides participating in EXO activities, he also is acting in films and tv dramas. His films include EX-FILES 2: The Backup Strikes Back (2015), Oh My God (2015), Go Fighting the movie: Royal Treasure (2016), Kung Fu Yoga (2016) and Unexpected Love (2016). His tv dramas include EXO Next Door (2015), Old Nine Gates (2016) and To Be a Better Man (2016). I'm really looking forward to start watching his tv drama "Old Nine Gates". It looks really interesting. Oh and Lay looks so handsome wearing fur - lining mantle.
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