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For those who don't know, I am natural and as natural as it gets. I washed my hair today with no intentions of leaving the house. In other words, after washing my hair I took an hour out of my "oh so busy day" to do two strand twists. For those who aren't familiar, it's basically taking two strands of your hair and twisting them until your entire head is complete. Of course, I ended up having to run out and I looked absolutely crazy because as all of us natural ladies know -- shrinkage sucks big time. I just got back in the house and found this meme and got a really good laugh because that's literally how it goes. Started from the bottom.

What other natural hair ladies can relate?

@jordanhamilton oh, mine tends to look like I came from the disco honestly. the not game is real strong
see, after I wash mines, I let it dry on it's own. since my natural hair is thick af, it could take like a day to dry
@jordanhamilton let's suffer together
Mine is still damp as we speak, but if I let mine dry on its own it will literally turn into a poof ball and the ends will start to lock 馃槴 uhhhh! @CrystalBlunt
I got them Queen braids
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