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I have been surrounded by vegans since, gosh, maybe 2001 or so. And I always thought, good for them. Never honestly considered going the meatless route ever. And now that I am weight training, I think being vegan is impossible. But then I came across dudes that swear by it and look amazing!
Then I saw this tree-saving campaign and I'm like, WOW! Maybe I should become vegan.
Anyone else moved by this? I'm mesmerized that by just one person eliminating beef from their diet, that over 3,000 trees could be saved. How is that possible? I'm so curious.

What if, like 10,000 people committed to no longer consuming beef? That's like 30 million trees!

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just might @MyAffairWith
@marshalledgar let me know how it goes ^_^ good luck with it if you do decide to go vegan
I love cheeseburgers too much @MyAffairWith
@marshalledgar there is a great vegan alternative for that 馃榿
I was vegetarian for 2 years until I got sick and thought I was going to die. But I didn't get sick because of my diet. My diet helped improve my health condition. The problem was my immune system. Anyway I decided to eat meat again just in case I suddenly die, but after thinking about it I guess I rather die without meat than helping kill more animals.