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안녕하세요... Hello Hello!!! KPopBeat here yet again! Ready for your daily MV? Well I hope so because today we have a group that is close to my heart. Shinhwa!! This group debuted under SM Entertainment in 1998 as a six member group. They later moved to Good Entertainment as soon as their contract with SM was up and later started their own company names Shinhwa Company.
Shinhwa is the longest running boy band ever in KPop history. They grew along side groups such as g.o.d, Fly to the Sky, Turbo, H.O.T, S.E.S, and others. They even, just as recently as last year, dropped another cd with the title song Sniper. This MV shows that these men are not in anyway incapable of still showing off their talent. Before I go into showing you the MV I wanted to tell you a little bit about the men that make up this wonderful group.
Eric or Mun Jung Hyuk is the leader and main rapper. He now owns his own company named Top Class Entertainment and produced the group Stellar.
M or Lee Min Woo is the lead vocalist and main dancer. He has also started his own company named M Rising Entertainment
Dongwan or Kim Dong Wan is a vocalist. He does not have his own company to my knowledge.
Hyesung or Steve Jung or Jung Pil Kyo is the main vocalist. He does not own his own company either but he is very skilled in Taekwondo.
Junjin or Park Choong Jae is the Lead Rapper, vocalist and lead dancer. He is another that does not own a company.
Last but not least we have Andy or Lee Sun Ho. He owns his own company named T.O.P Media and has produced groups such as TEEN TOP and 100%.
Now since you know a bit about this fantastic group. I want to show you their most recent song named Sniper. I love a lot of their older songs but I chose this one because I feel it is the best way to prove to you that even in their early and mid thirties these men have amazing skills.... Plus it gives us hope that new groups that we love and adore can do just like Shinhwa and produce music for years and years to come.
What do you think? I absolutely love this catchy song. It was stuck in my head for weeks when the song first came out last year.
I hope you all enjoyed it!! Tune in tomorrow for another MV!
@KPopBeat OUT!!
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Shinhwa!!!!!! I love them so much ^-^