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I just got my signed CNBlue Blueming album in the mail! It is signed by only one of the members randomly, so I had no idea who I would get. I was hoping for my bias, Minhyuk, but I got....
....Bass guitarist Jung-Shin!! :)
If you guys are interested in buying signed albums, they are available at mwave shop. they have different bands available for limited time, so I check it frequently. I have already gotten Eric Nam and CNBlue. I have Block B, Vixx, and Got7 coming as well as an FT Island DVD (all signed). some can be a little pricy, but not all of them 😊
@resavalencia Ah thank you!! I'll have to check that out!!!!
Ahhhhhh I want that album!!!!
congratulation!!! I love them All of them!!!
omgeee I want this too <3 <3 <3 my precious BOYS <3 you are sooo lucky awww jungshin is a sweet heart muahhhs <3 <3 :*
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