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and for your viewing pleasure:

Who here is a cat person!?

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I am! But I also like dogs!
2 years agoReply
I wish I was one of those cats
2 years agoReply
*chants loudly* cats! cats! cats! cats! cats! 馃樃馃樃馃樃 cats are my spirit animal i swear 馃樃馃樄 i also act kind of like a cat? ? ? (like i sleep a lot and dont like going outside) also those cat toys? the ones with the bells? i play with those a lot 馃樄馃樄
2 years agoReply
cats are my spirit animal omfg
2 years agoReply
Me! omg, I'm not sure who I'm more jealous of -- the celebrities or the cats :p so much cuteness
2 years agoReply