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So it's Thursday, and the week is almost over. What did you accomplish this week that you're proud of? Did you learn any good news?

Let's use this card to give two thumbs WAAAAY up to something going on in our lives right now.

Tagging some homies to kick off the positivity flow:
I finally got an A in math馃槀
Today marks three weeks of me working out in the morning and then going on a 6 mile walk/jog/run in the evening 5 days a week. I think I'll move to my 10 mile course next week. I also lost the closest person to me last monday and I just heard from somebody close to her that even though she's talking a lot of shit, she misses me a lot and has been trying not to text me. Which makes it harder for me. but I've decided to not bend on the issues that broke us apart or talk to her unless it's to discuss like adults and resolve them, if it ever is.
I finally got the courage to block my ex boyfriend. He was being really rude and annoying and when we were together he was very possessive and hurtful. Now he's trying to come between my current boyfriend and I. I couldn't block him before because I have a really soft heart and I didn't want to hurt him. Sigh. But I've finally done it...
umm it's started as a role play but I think it's good I posted a link to it on here
Finished exams, for one :)
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