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I totally forgot to share this last week! I went on a short trip with my mom, South of Seoul, and purchase a few items from from a couple of random shops. What I purchased: 2 Sheet Masks Pig Collagen Pore Pack St. Ives Oatmeal Facial Scrub Nivea hand cream
The little pink box contain 5 sets of three-step pore treatment sheets. The first step is suppose to prep your skin for the pull-off sheet. The last step is suppose to seal the pores. Both sheets is much like any other essence mask. The blackhead clear sheet is like any other pore strip. I tried it out and there was no difference. I have no idea why people rave above this product.One thing though, I really like the heat sensation of the first sheet.
I haven't used St. Ives product in a long time. Honestly, the reason why I purchased this was because of the free candle. Haha. Also, Eric Nam is the spokesperson. Surprisingly, this did not dry out my skin. In the past, I used the apricot scrub. The texture is rough and I don't recommend it as a daily scrub. The oatmeal scrub is a lot more gentle on the skin!
@MyAffairWith On the brighter side, you can always find it online. :)
@cindystran yes but granted I live in a really small town. So I'd have to travel to a big city to find this :(
@MyAffairWith Really? Not even in CVS?
@cindystran that's true. Good thing we can nowadays. ^_^
I do like the oatmeal scrub. I've used a lot of St. Ives products but the oatmeal scrub is good because it also doubles as a mask ^_^ I haven't seen it here again. They took it off the shelf :(