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Get your baby butt back down!

Bambam is not a baby anymore! What once used to be the smallest, shortest little runt of metropolitan Ice cream flavor baby is no more!

previously he showed his tummy in Shanghai too! have you been working out BamBam?
Yes... Bambam is still skinny, just look at those legs! but he is no longer Innocent!
like what's going on here? I'm sooooo Youngjae in second pic lol
you'll always be my sweet Bambam atleast in my mind....
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Im so glad u didn't put up a gif of bambam saying sumthin...I would've completely died
2 years ago·Reply
@CrystalV !!! omg I have a good one too! of him showing his collar bone ... should have done it
2 years ago·Reply
The name you gave him is so cute! Smallest, shortest little runt of metropolitan ice cream flavor baby. That's just precious
2 years ago·Reply
@SerenaArthurs hehe thank you, but he is right? with that hair =)
2 years ago·Reply
@Ticasensei xd ur gonna kill me with fangirlness
2 years ago·Reply