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"Listen you don't have to apologize to me. I understand that you felt angry and frustrated and that maybe this was a way for you to start anew. But, I believe that what you did was not a kind thing to do. Mostly because you lied to me instead of confronting me with the truth. I know you've gone through bad things in the past that perhaps you don't want to remind yourself of and that it's best to just forget about everything. Look at me, I'm not mad or upset at you, actually, I'm more than happy because you remembered me meaning that I didn't have to do anything to make you remember... just prove to you that I hadn't forgotten about. Yes the past 10 years have been rough but we both managed to continue with our lives despite not seeing each other or talking to each other." "Namjoon how can you be so considerate of me when I lied to you?" "Because there's far better things to worry about and far worse things to be angry at. So to me this is nothing but a confession from my long-lost middle school sweetheart." "You still call me that? don't you get tired of it?" "Why? I thought you liked that name." "I do, it's just that... I'm an adult now." "Don't think of yourself as an adult yet, remember I'm still 6 years (depending on your age) older than you." "Oh come on, give me a break! Do you think that just because you're older than me I'm going to be nice to you?" "Well maybe." "Uh-Uh-Uh. Kim Namjoon you will be punished."