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why didn't I see it before? when I met VAV I was all about st.van and Jacob... but there is Xiao and Baron too!
Xiao is chinese and is the only member that is close to my age! actually he is my age! and thus I feel super comfortable with him
I adore this baby face! can you even believe he is the oldest? I can't ! Xiao is a calm person ( maybe because he is oldest) very adorable, smiles sweetly and is very serene. when in front of the fans he is actually a little shy but very welcoming at the same time..
Then we have Baron! he is by far the most fan friendly, fan service guy of the group thus far! even tho it seams he is not the crowd favorite he should be because of how nice he is to the fans.
I love his slim face and eyes! thought for the comeback they made him less likeable by crimping his hair 80s style I just love Barons attitude! also he is one of the tallest as we have two shorties in the group ( ace and Gyeoul) would you guys like to know more about them? I hope they get popular soon =)
@Ticasensei Xiao still has me too, St. Van is just being a sneaky guy catching me off guard like that. Yes! I'm gonna have to watch Zehan too. VAV is becoming problematic for my heart
@KellyOConnor looks cool! but I'm staying firm with my serious Xiao lol and baron... uh did you see Zehan? he is a cutie too
@Ticasensei I know right neither have I, but I saw em (his glorious arms) this time. ^^ An art one on his shoulder and another script one on his forearm. Send help my heart is shaking and wants to go back to him! Darn his beautiful face!! 😤😂
@KellyOConnor what the heck??? I didn't know!! I've never seen him without sleeves =0
OMG @Ticasensei I'm feeling very attacked right now from St. Van! Have you seen his latest Insta post? HE HAS TATTOOS?! Where have I been that I missed this?!
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