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Tell me I'm not alone. I've stop wearing underwire bras for about 2 years now and I feel more comfortable than ever. The primary reason I stopped wearing underwire bras was because of my rib and shoulder pain. After countless research I invested in a bralette from Aerie and I never went back to underwire. I've never been more comfortable.

Have you ever tried wireless bras? Would you ever go without an underwire?

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I like have to wear an underwire bra with my soortsbra when I work out too ugh so
2 years ago·Reply
wire is what keeps the girls up.....I have big boobs so I have to keep them up not down.
2 years ago·Reply
underwire feels more supportive. i have big boobs cant wear those cute unwired bras.
2 years ago·Reply
Yeah I have to a bra with an underwire. I hate it but have to.
2 years ago·Reply
As long as I got full coverage, I'm cool with either one.
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