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Did you really pay close attention to the Teaser? Or where you confused? Well if you were a bit confused this is what was obtained from the plot as a Monbebe.

No, Shownu. Let go of that lighter... You're already hot as it is... Too much fire in this room.

Jooheon and Wonho in white soldier vests... Seems like they're hiding/running away/trying to survive.

(White on them, though.)

What are we staring at??

Oh Man! Kihyun is hurt!!!

Aish! Shownu I told you not to burn anything... Is that money or are those important papers?

Wonho, why that look in your eyes??? Aaah... so sad/tired...

Nooo! Hyungwon!!!!! ㅠ.ㅠ

*BOOM* Mind Blown!

oooo I applaud whoever did these gifs 👏👏👏
@CrookedShadow Have you watched it? It was freakin' awesome wasn't it?
Wha!?!? I haven't seen the teasers yet!!!! O.o I have to go check them out right now!! They look so cool!!!!
@MonAnnahiX its like they're throwing bombs my way 😂😂
Aaah not yet. Please try to bare with them until after comeback because they are going to keep attacking you 😜 @PrettieeEmm
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