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This actually sounds like a conversation my dad would've had with me when I was a little kid.

"Enjoy that short temper I passed down. Boop!"

What's something about your personality that you definitely got from one of your parents - either good OR bad?

@YumiMiyazaki HAHAHA I tease my sister about dating too and she's 32 so lol.
@danidee Lol, sometimes I do. Especially when my younger sister talks about wanting to date. I can't help myself, lol.
I get my looks from my dad. I got everything from my dad, looks, weird quirks, personality, mannerisms, his taste for spicy food and love of scary movies. I have to try super extra hard to be feminine or I get mistaken for a guy, or worse, my dad. My family jokes and says I should have been born a boy cus I'm his reincarnation. Lol.
I'm extremely cheap, thanks to my dad who I think was Mr Krabbs in a previous life. But what's totally contradicting my cheapness is I'm a shopaholic. I have to buy something about every other week thanks to my mom.
@YumiMiyazaki Do you make dad jokes too??