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So not to sound as creepy as I think I do, let me clarify. I'm not really friends with any of you and I love this website. So, can we be friends?
I love k-pop/k-hip hop/whatever else genre, if it sounds good I love it. I'm a fan of BTS, Big Bang, Got7, Exo.(the fan names are too much for me馃槀) I also like other groups such as Monsta X, 2pm, Ikon, Shinee, etc. but I don't know them as well as I would like.
I also love anime, but I have a problem where I can't finish them/catch up. Well, you see, I watch them obsessively and then I walk away forgetting to finish and when I come back I start a new one before finishing the other. 馃槵馃樀馃槱馃槄 Some animes I've watched are Attack on Titan, Black Butler, Naruto, Soul Eater, Blue exorcist, Fairy Tail, Full Metal Alchemist, Inuyasha, My little Monster, InuXBoku (I think I spelled it wrong), Pet girl of sarakura hall (I think I got the title wrong馃槄), and Bleach. I've only caught up/ finished Black butler, Attack on Titan, InuXBoku, My little monster, and the pet girl one (which is one of my favorites).
If you want to be friends you can add me on snapchat, here... I think...? And I'd love to talk to any of you. (Please ignore my demonic smile thing...)
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hey fam!! ill add u id love to be friends!! btw im anime trash as well and fullmetal alchemist is literally my bts of anime XD
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my username is otaku4life329
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sounds like u n i have a lot in common! i wuld be happy to b ur friend! i do have snapchat but i'm not on it much, userbame armynoona n i just added u! i am on KakaoTalk more. if u ever create a Kakao acct I will look u up n add u!
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hello i would love to be your friend lol ima add you on snapchat
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my snap is justin-anime
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