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eyeliner edition!
Tony moly eye eye liner in black vs maybelline Eyestudio blackest black.. I love both of these eyeliners! here you can see the difference in texture, one is smoother ( wet) than the other. you can really see the difference in the texture and feel of the gel.
I get mines at the local TonyMoly =) but id you are overseas you can purchase it here for a pretty good price! http://m.ebay.com/itm/120959750225 price:$7-$15 I brought my Maybelline eyeliner from back home ( they sell it every where, walgreens,walmart,etc) now when it runs out I really won't be ordering from online to get it because it's pretty much the same to me. Pros: they both come with a very nice brush! Maybelline: texture is a little ticker and because its ticker it goes on a little blacker. Tonymoly: Texture is smoother and softer than maybelline and easier to apply. con: waiting time to ship vs going to a local pharmacy price : $9-$10 Overall, I love both of these!
ok so here is my face hehe one eye has tonymoly and the other has Maybelline, can you see the difference? @jordanhamilton @tessstevens @danidee @alywoah if youd like to be tagged in future makeup cards let me know... this is my first one =)
@Ticasensei not make up lol just the first pice of you heheh πŸ™ˆβ€πŸ˜
@MoisEsGaray what are you doing looking at make up? hehehe
@marshalledgar yes! you are right =)
@cindystran thank you =) ill make a card on it next time too. yes I feel one is darker
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