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Am I the only one that didn't actually know that's what A.R.M.Y stood for.
BTS went from being a group that went unnoticed to being praised by nearly everyone!! ive only been an ARMY for a year, but i really do feel like ive been there since the beginning. i love them so much and watching how theyve come this far, despite all the b.s. that theyve been through, is very inspirational. im so happy they got to live put their dreams not just as a group, but as individuals. the road is long and not easy and i applauded them for showing us how real the world can be, even if its never meant to be easy. i love you, BTS!! i will always love you til the very end. i may not have known you for the longest time, but i really care about you guys and only wish you the best. good luck and keep doing what you do best!! BTS, HWAITING~鉂も湪
they are so amazing...we all should be proud of them. their coming to american for kcon and I can't go *cries heart out* reading this made me cry plus I just now knew what army meant
I knew some what on what A.R.M.Y meant. after reading that I know that being an A.R.M.Y means so much to me. I am so proud of these boys and I am glade to with them through this journey as I have been in the Kpop scene for 3 years. These boys are the only group that I can relate through with their music.
I didn't know that A.R.M.Y had a definition..
no problem. it is confusing but I'm sure that is what they mean. New York and New Jersey even share a football stadium
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