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Ever sit down at your local Burger King, start eating your WHOPPER JR.庐 with Cheese, and think: "Man, this would way more enjoyable if I were in a sauna?"

Well, the Finnish capital of Helsinki opened its very first Burger King that's equal parts fast food joint and bathhouse, so it's safe to say your prayers have been answered.

Yes, now you can have your burger - and take a hot shower too!

The facility has a typical Burger King restaurant set-up with a very special spa edition. There's communal showers, a sauna equipped with a flat screen TV and Playstation console, and BK logo towels and robes made available to all patrons.
The spa is open to the public, but can also be privately reserved for birthday parties, corporate meetings, and other special events. (And, for the record, yes, you can totally eat your Burger King INSIDE the sauna.)
So why a bathhouse? Well, with 3 million saunas across the country, it's safe to say that spa culture is serious business in Finland. It's where families go to retreat, friends go to relax, and with the help of Burger King, fast foodies can add a little luxury to their meal.

So what say you, fellow foodies of Vingle?

Could you see yourself getting down with some onion rings in a Burger King bathhouse and spa?

Let me know in the comments below!
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umm... that'd kinda weird, but you do you
No..it's too odd. I feel like I'd be looking over my shoulder constantly expecting the "King" to peep around a corner with a creepy smile and a Whopper...smdh 馃槰
Yes definitely
well two things will go wrong. 1st. you burger will get awfully soggy in the sauna. 2. all that sweat people do in the sauna is also would be in the air. I personally been in many of them in my life time since I have relatives in Finland. so cool idea, but maybe a drink will suffice instead of food. lol.
I'd try it at least once.