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I know that MANY users tend to have some nasty usernames that sexualize not only EXO but also various bands....I personally have never liked it...I mean they are humans too, what if one day you wake up and see usernames that sexualize you???
I couldn't laugh it off like Chanyeol...I was really angry....and I don't know whether to laugh or cry because Sehun was so calm about it...he obviously knows what the fans are doing and I really feel bad for him...
I don't like when fans do that
i know its messed up but at the same time it was kinda funny....please dont chew me out....im just saying
@Izzy987 Well the card is about how some fans sexualize their idols in this case one fans id was sehun's anus...
Can someone explain........ Sry XD
tbh i would laugh it off too and make a joke about it. All while thinking NASTY!
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