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Ever Tried To Make Your Own Sushi?
Nothing makes you feel like an utter failure quite like going out of your way to buy a bamboo mat, preparing the sushi rice, slicing up all the different ingredients, and then destroying any possibility of this being something you can actually eat during the rolling part.

Hang in there, aspiring sushi chefs of Vingle. I still believe in you.

I feel that poor man's pain. It's basically me when I try cooking or a DIY
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@YumiMiyazaki LOL One time i tried to make onigiri and it just looked like someone tried to make snowballs with rice.
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I tried to make sushi once...a) didn't know that there's a special kind of rice and special way to cook it, and b) used too much rice. Made sushi salad after giving up.
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I want to try to make a vegetarian sushi roll. That would be nice!
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Well, that escalated quickly. LOL!
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