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皆さんこんにちはー (Hello Everyone!)
Sorry for the delay I got a new laptop, finally. 良さ感謝 (Thank goodness)
Lets get down to business!
I previously mentioned a long time ago that the first key thing to learn is Hiragana, that way Katakana would be a lot simpler.
- Keep in mind that they are the exact same sounds as Hiragana the only difference is that they are used for foreign words;
Ex: The English word Bus is ( バズ) Not ばず
It's spelled using voiced Katakana which I will mention later along with voiced Hiragana.

IMPORTANT: When learning Katakana it's best to completely forget how you would say English words in English because 10/10 in Japanese it's not said the way it would be in English.

Looking at the chart above it may seem sort of intimidating at first because the letters are extremely different, more angular rather than round.
But think of the Hiragana sounds and replace them with the Katakana letters.

For learning Katakana, it's best to write them down by vertical sections.

- Day 1: アイウエオ )
Over and Over again
For however much time your studying them each day, hour, minutes even.
Until you've completely memorized them
Also I realized that if I were to go over each section of the basic Katakana, it would sound like a complete repeat of the previous Hiragana section being that the sounds are the same and the only difference is the way they look. u.u
But that doesn't mean you guys can't master the Kana on your own!
じゃあ、また! Stay tuned for the next session! <33