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Why is NBA star James Harden crying?

Is it because the Houston Rockets are out of the playoffs?

Is it because someone spoiled last week's Game Of Thrones?

No, it's because he's currently eating sour candy. Really sour candy. Shaped like his beard.

Trolli, the popular gummy candy company, has released special edition bags of 'Sour Brite Weird Beards', neon sour gummies shaped like James Harden's face - iconic beard included!

The beards come in three different flavor combinations: Cherry/Lemon (red/yellow), Strawberry/Grape (pink/blue), and Orange/Lime (orange/green).

The candy is available at 7-11 convenience stores nationwide for a limited time. (James Harden is also available - but only until the season starts up again this October.)

Are you prepared for this level of gummy candy excellence?

Let me know if you'd be down to eat James Harden's face in the comments below. And for more weird products you didn't know you wanted, follow my SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY collection!
@YumiMiyazaki Eating a beard is suddenly on my bucket list tbh.
Gummy beard candy? I'm in. I'm always in.
Harden's beard as candy.....I don't know if I wanna try that haha.
@danidee Awesome!😉😀
@mchlyang It's kind of weird when you're essentially chewing on some guy's face. However, I think this is WAY cooler than being on a box of Wheaties!