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Congrats, if you're graduating this year! And hurray, if you're invited to the celebration. Now, it's time to think about what to wear. I've seen some people stress out about this, so here's a breakdown of what I think is the appropriate attire for graduation! It's all personal experience and preference. It's meant to be a guide!


Keep it classy and comfortable. You'll be wearing that for the rest of the day from graduation to post-graduations dinner, so you want to feel your best in it. As much as you want to rock your sexy outfit one more time before you bid the school good-bye this is not the time to do so. Look smart and put together. It's a graduations ceremony after all. Not a rave party.

Mom of Graduates

Bring out your Sunday's best. I've seen parents going to graduation in their lounge wear. I know it's comfortable but it's your child's big day. Plus, you'll be in a lot of photos. You never know which friend of your child will be randomly snapping pics and uploading them on Facebook. Keep it sophisticated.

Graduation Guests

Keep it business casual! I've seen people going to graduation with flip flops, hot shorts, and tank top. I don't know about you but that is disrespecting the graduates. It's a semi-formal ceremony to celebrate academic achievements, my dear, not an outdoor event to chill with your friends.