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Hillary Clinton will be 69 years old on Election Day 2016, meaning that she will be 77 on her last (hypothetical) day as President. She will certainly be considered an establishment candidate, with her experience trumping any Republican challengers, who will certainly draw attention to her age. Personally I don't think 69 is too old, especially with all the focus Mrs. Clinton has put on keeping up to date with young people. The image I put up is a "selfie" from her twitter page.
Definitely, however Clinton was recently hospitalized for collapsing while traveling as Secretary of State. Do you all agree that she will be healthy enough for the busy schedule of campaigning and being president?
@saravy well i am not saying that comparing Clinton with McCain is right. I agree she has no age issues. When i mentioned that people did have a problem with McCain's age, it was bc people said he was too old and conventional to "understand" the current culture, as you said. I think Clinton, however, has made more of an effort to keep up with the current scene to not have that problem
The had a problem with his age, but it was minor. Most peoples problems were with his finances and his inability to "understand" the current culture. Basically, he was too rich. He couldn't remember how many houses he owned. Not due to age, but he honestly didn't know. She's fine. Look at Justice Ginsberg, she's 80! :D
@piupiupenguin I completely agree l. Although people did have a problem with mccain's age lol
Angela Merkel also is almost 60, personally I only think there is a problem with age when the candidate starts to forget to put on pants to work :D also no one had a problem with mccain either