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When I order take out get tons of forks, I'm like "Silly mortals. Thinking that I'm actually going to share this food with anyone." When I order take-out and get only one, I'm like "Wait, do they think I'm fat though? OMG! They think I'm going to eat this all myself!"

Where's the lie though?

Please tell me I'm not the only one that knows this feel.

I used to care if they thought that those two vanilla shakes, extra fries and double quarter pounder with no cheese was all for me. But now, I practically show it off. They wish they didn't have to share all this deliciousness with friends and family. I can make a pig of myself and be merry.
50 forks of gray
Hahaha! I just bought my older kids and myself some chopsticks...the only one who can't use them is my toddler. And I have two teenagers... Last Friday, I ordered Chinese take-out, I could feel all the judgment in the air. When the guy asked how many forks I needed, I smiled big and said, "Just the one, thanks." I'm sure they could all hear me getting fatter with every step as I left. xD
I generally am ordering for four, so when I'm by myself, the habit dies hard
@danidee @YumiMiyazaki i even buy happy meals for myself lol馃榿馃榿馃榿
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