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Sometimes, you just want to flip a table.

Or do something else that just...isn't okay in real life. I mean people in anime get away with so much! Seriously! If only, if only....we could do these things too...

Anime Style Hugs

Ridiculous Outfits That Can't Possibly Work

Flipping Tables

Magical Clothing Transformations

Shouting out your attack names

Having names for your “special techniques,” even though you’re just playing school sports .... man, that would be totally awesome.

Eating too fast...or, eating like Luffy/Natsu

In case you're not convinced these things would get you in real life trouble, check out this video :P

What else could you only get away if you were in an anime?

olaso never getting fat no matter the amount of calories you take in.
I got one more accidently tripping onto the cutest girl in school and have your hands in her boobs or pantis or accidently kissing her!!😆😆
Getting carried away and accidentally destroying buildings like Natsu does
guys can't get away with harassing females and girls can't get away with attacking and yandere to dudes lmao XD
Beating all my enemies in one punch
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