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Korean Slang: 훈남

What is a 훈남?

훈남 (hoon-nam) is like a "boy next door," or the perfect, ideal boy. He's kind and caring, and smart, and just a charming person.

The female version is 훈녀 (hoon-nyeo)

It derives from the adjective "훈훈하다" (hoon-hoon-ha-da) which means to be "nice and warm."

Here are some examples of who I think are 훈남 & 훈녀

Who would you consider to be a 훈남 or 훈녀?!

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Chanyeol and Youngji (from Kara)
a year ago·Reply
Chanyeol, Seokjin, Hakyeon, Junmyeon, Jaebum..... I could go on XD
a year ago·Reply
SNSD's Tiffany and Seohyun
a year ago·Reply
진 😍
a year ago·Reply
Chanyeol and Jungkook 🙂
a year ago·Reply