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Skinny jeans has been the "It" jeans for the longest time. I think it's flattering on all bottom type. The fabric hugs your legs and creates an illusion of a longer and slimmer silhouette. The only downsize is the tightness. With that said, in recent years, people are shifting to the boyfriend jeans. This pair of denim is suppose to fit loose but still looks flattering. The comfortable level is perfection and it looks cool.

So, here's my question: Which jean do you prefer?

The Boyfriend Jean.

The Skinny Jean.

I love thr look of boyfriend jeans but like @ScarletMermaid I haven't found a pair that works for me so skinny jeans!!
I haven't found a pair of boyfriend jeans that look good on me. In theory I like them but skinny jeans are the tried and true
I love both ^_^
i like both, but it does depend how you wear them (the boyfriend jeans). The girls in the photos look on point and presentable. They don't look trashy at all. I don't own any boyfriend jeand but I like either way
I LOVE BOTH but depends on my mood lol .
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