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Prom 2014, well I was encouraged to put up some prom pics so here they go . One of the days I felt the most beautiful. I was so excited that didn't have time to take so many pictures & the ones I did are in my old phone, but here are some. On a side note my prom date is my ex, was my bf at time. We do not speak now & he just got married and has a kid. Just to give an idea on how I do not speak to anybody I partied at prom with . .
I was fortunate that he was tall so I got to wear the highest pumps ever . holla :)
This was my best friend. We grew apart. She started dedicating herself to her boyfriend and never hung out with me anymore, but things happen. I still love her & love this picture. plus I look cute.
I wish I could find my other pics but heres a detailed description. -My makeup was done at mac smoky golden eye with Fake lashes & Ruby woo lipstick :) -My heels were gold pumps, probably 4-5 inches tall but super comfty -My hair was small tight curls brushed out. Done by my sister with a thin wand. -My dress was bright red with a transparent beaded belt under my boobs & a huge slit to show some legs lol -& I totally reused my jewelery from my sweet 16 . Crystal Rose heavy necklace. Would love to see all your prom pics ! @jordanhamilton @tessStevens @hikaymm @AlloBaber
very pretty!!! I love all the pics and your dress is gorgeous.
@jordanhamilton thank you:)