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We won't know till how things really are till we try them right? So last Sunday I wore my kylie jenner Lip kit. After talking so much Samck I decided to give it a chance... Metal-Heir
My friend let me know a day before the restock . I patiently waited for it to be 12pm then still had to wait 15 minutes for it to go through . The checkout was easy since I was one for the first waiting, YET SOMEHOW this $18 product turned into $28 almost 30 with shipping How?!? Idk but I went through whatever. . . .. Let me tell you about the product now. ..
The color itself was more towards orange than the expected pink tone. It was a nice color. Dried on nicely & had a nice finish . I rocked it for some selfies but as soon as I ate the color was gone. Within the first 2 hours the color was gone. I expected it to be more long lasting, but did reapply much more. WILL I BUY ANOTHER ONE? -no, I think Im sticking to colourpop much more long lasting, & cheaper. However I am happy to have got rid of any possible curiosity . Stay tuned for makeup prdocucts used in this card. Will you guys try it or will you skip trying it?what are you all thinking about it? @hikaymm @jordanhamilton @tessStevens @marshalledgar
The color is pretty but I think I might pass. @jordanhamilton actually shared a blogger review comparing colourpop's version & kylie jenner's lip kit and the two colors were identical. So, I will pass for this one. Thanks for sharing your experience!
I love it! I'm glad you went for it even if you weren't sure. I'm so afraid to try light colors, I think, but this looks great. I'd agree though that if it wears off that often then you won't want to invest in it when colourpop payoff is obviously so much better!!
love the colors, but after you mentioned that price and how they wore off so easily -- I shall pass!
@hikaymm @cindystran @jordanhamilton yes colourpop is the ultimate best choice!