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Now I know I'm late again (ugh I suck!) work has been kicking my butt, that being said we're on Day 5 of the 12 Days of EXO Community Challenge and I can't give up. I love all of our boys and I want to be able to show that affection for each of them. Day 5 is all about Zhang Yixing. Lay. The last unicorn. The innocent dimpled face with the rock hard body capable of deadly hip thrusts. No one is safe.
So precious.
If EXO were my friends, I'd touch their butts too...I mean uh...
Look at how comfy the sleepy baby looks! With bonus Luhan as a happy pillow.
But wait...
No one puts more passion in their thrusts than Lay. He's selling it.
I don't know what this is for but I want it.
Why is he thrusting so hard!? Where is that clip from!?
how is it he can go from looking like the nerd to the sexy fine OMG HELP ME guy in 0.3secs.? Love me some LayXing tho. oh and thank you for this card
I thought I was safe....until I got to the lower part of this card
You have just killed me...
Omo!! You just made my day!! 😱😳😱😳😱😳 I have thrust issues, can he help me? lol