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I'm a 90s child at heart, and that means I miss my roll on glitter. I miss it! I wish I could wear glitter without it feeling totally ridiculous and over the top. So I started doing some research! Casual glitter looks. Is it possible?! I think so, and adding a touch of glitter as part of your eyeliner seems to be the best way.

Option 1: Glitter Lower Lash

This is still a dramatic look, but in my opinion it's not night time dramatic. I think you could get away with wearing it in the day time, as long as you keep the lips & eyes simple besides the glitter!
This is another take on a glitter liner that I think is quite wearable, even in the daytime, but I couldn't find any more details on it!

Option 2: Double Liner!

Adding gold glitter as a kind of double liner would be a great way to add some glitter & fun to a daytime eye without going TOO far. Keep your clothes casual, and it'd be good to go.

Option 3: Just a Touch of Glitter!

Adding just a touch of glitter under the eye in the winged liner seems to be a great way to have glitter without going totally crazy with it, too!