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I sadly don't own any of this set (crryyyyyy I just can't do it!! Unless I can get it on sale). But I can look at & drool over the lipstick colors & the eye shadow palette & dream that I can own it someday. Siggggggh. Someday....

Here's the five lipstick colors:

(left to right)
- Time (gunmetal-navy with silver shimmer)
- Alice (sheer nude with pink shift)
- Iracebeth (bright red matte)
- Mad Hatter (bright purple shimmer)
- Mirana (matte berry with tonal shimmer)
I included the swatches on the blogger who swatched them here (Thank you Musings of a Muse for sharing them online!!)

And here's swatches of the eye colors~

I got these from sublimeAuxiliatrix! You can read her whole review of the products in her imgur post here, I'm just sharing this to droooooool over the colors.

~~Sigh. Someday, my love, you will be mine~~

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Good luck!! It's a good palette!!