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Too True: Winged Eyeliner Edition
Sometimes, we just can't get our eyes right!!
This is the story of a girl.....who tried to put on winged eyeliner and faiiilllleeeddd!
Yep. Yeeeeep.
When you want a tiny wing, it ends up being huge. When you want a huge wing, you can't get them even. There's always an issue!!!
Tell me about it.
Sometimes I miss the dark eyes I'd wear in middle school. So much easier to apply, no?

Lastly...never ask me why I'm late!! This takes work, okay?

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I always have one really good eye and then one eye that is HORRIBLE.
2 years ago·Reply
Hahaha! So true!
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2 years ago·Reply
I don't wear make up but I can see this happening when I do
2 years ago·Reply
i can never get the wing tip to be the same on both eyes. i can not even really do it on one eye.
a year ago·Reply