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Chances are that you still feel lonesome today and probably the same tomorrow. Just like myself, maybe you are mentally kicking yourself right now for being a slave to that persistent dark lurker controlling your psyche. It could be addiction, grudges, comparisons...anything. But we are really seeking for 'home'.
Are you with me on this? I know your challenges, and I understand your emotional emptiness. But sadly, to persevere independently and grow to be the person you yourself respect, we can only rely on ourselves to find the light at the end of the tunnel. How? I am still learning that myself. But I do know 1 thing: "Our battles might be different. But our goals are the same." - a quote inspired by myself ;-) - So please, learn to add compassion and kindness in your daily lives.
@Scheherashared, what happened last night? i think in life, no matter how we feel, we are forced to move forward anyhow. i believe that time doesn't heal us. but how much we are willing to let go. you can PM me. i have too much free time in my hands, so i'll be glad to listen ;)
you're sweet, @pirateking47. thank you for reading my thoughts.
well said
@jULsJ nothing bad happened the other night, it's just I've been questioning how do people want to live. and I came across some YouTube channel with nick vujicic in it, and i guess my question was answered.
I've compassion & kindness to others but myself. last night I learn I've no hope & of little faith. I see no reason to have those, I move forward either way.