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Episode 4
Your phone goes off, disrupting you from your peaceful dreams. You groan with the realization that light was trying to emit itself through your closed eyelids. You reach over tapping your hand on the nearby nightstand, searching for your phone with your eyes closed. It goes off again. <<Aishh, where the hell did I put it last.... night?>> You pry your eyes open, remembering that you were no longer in the comfort of your home anymore. You look around to a room that obviously did not belong to you and instantly remember the series of events that took place last night.
“I need to get out of here,” You whisper to yourself. <<And go where?>> Your thoughts countered. You bite your lip and hop out of bed, cautiously tiptoeing to the drawers across the room to grab your phone. You sit on the edge of the bed, look around to make sure you were alone, then proceed to unlock your phone to see Snapchats from the guys.
<<How bad can this be?>>
The first one is from TOP, he sends you a blank screen with the caption, “beware of the Panda ;)” You shudder, <<I really shouldn't have told him, all he's gonna do now is tease me.....>>
The next one was from Ji-Yong. He too sent you a blank screen but his only caption was a panda emoji. You scratch your head, confused, and continue onto the next snap.
Dae-Sung took a smiling selca with the caption, “Aigoo! Be careful! Oppa is always here!” You smile at his support.
Tae-Yang took a snap of the sky and doodled a smile with a caption reading, “I'll include you in my prayers.”
You drop your phone on the bed and bury your head in your hands, “I need to find a new place, fast. If I stay here, it'll only bring him trouble.” You pick up your phone again and tiptoe towards the door. You stick your head out and listen for sounds but the apartment stood still. As you emerge out of the hallway, you note various boxes stacked against one of the walls in the living room. Your phone beeps in your hand with an incoming notification. The sound makes you jump but you quickly unlock your phone and open the message.
It was from Seung-Ri, “Be back in a little while, make yourself comfortable. Breakfast is in the kitchen.” Your heart flutters with the cuteness of the message but your head quickly keeps you from gushing. <<You can't stay here long. It'll be bad if those people.... >>
You cringe at the fresh memories of last night then turn to head into the kitchen. On the kitchen counter, covered in plastic wrap, sat a small dish with onigiri decorated as little pandas. You giggle to yourself as you read a small note beside the plate with scribbled English, “I tried, keke.”
You take a seat and eat the little pandas, trying to picture Seung-Ri putting the time and effort into making them and cutting out the seaweed. <<He's such a dork.>> You smile and continue eating until you're full. You wrap up the remaining rice balls and put the plate in the fridge.
Wondering back to the living room, you note your laptop and briefcase sitting nicely on one of the boxes. You grab your laptop then take a seat on the couch and start it up.<<Okay, no more fun and games, I need to look for a new place.>> Scenes from last night began to play in your head again as you searched for small apartments. The idea of not having Seung-Ri there made your body shiver with goosebumps after the image of your door lock popped in your head, the very image of the obvious evidence of multiple attempts.
You ruffle your hair in frustration, “aishh, I need to stop thinking about what could have happened and focus.” you lean back on the couch and cross your arms across your chest, mindlessly staring at your screen. “I should have been more careful. I still need to be more careful.”
The noise of scraping metal reaches your ears. Your heart jumps with fear as you jerk your head towards the only obstacle keeping the unknown out.
Seung-Ri walks in with a few bags. He looks over and sees you in a frozen state. A small smile sprouts on his lips as he kicks off his shoes and sets the bags down gently.
“I thought you'd still be sleeping. You passed out faster than I thought.” He took a few steps forward, smiling gently, “Have you eaten already?”
You nod your head slowly, trying to get over the paranoia that still resided in your head, “Yes, thank you.” Your eyes flicker back to the door.
“Good. I didn't know what to make for lunch since I didn't know what you would like.”
“It was delicious, thank you,” you mutter, glancing past him to the barrier keeping them out, squinting a bit get a better view to see if it was properly shut.
“I figured that since you've made me a panda bento before, it'd be funny if I made you miniature pandas too, you know, since I'm a panda..... and you're in my panda home and those onigiris would be my panda children,” he chuckles.
You look at him long enough to shoot him a forced smile then return your attention back behind him, feeling your skin crawl every time you narrowed down your focus to the metallic knob.
He raises an eyebrow as he looks at you then follows your gaze back towards the door. A soft sigh escapes his mouth. Seung-Ri sits down beside you and gives you a tender smile, “hey, it's okay now,” his voice attentive. “Everything is safe now that you're here with me.”
<<No, it's not. If those people have been trailing me for so long now, what's going to stop them now? I can't bring this type of danger to him. I can't risk him getting hurt.>> You swallow hard, unable to stop your hands from trembling. <<I need to leave. I need to distance myself from him.>>
“Oppa, I'm not staying here for long. I'm already looking at new apartments.”
His face falls, “Wait- What? Why not?” He stands up and looks at you long and hard before running his hands through his hair and looking away. “I-I said I had an extra room and everything.” He begins to pace back and forth with his hands moving all over, as if trying to express more than his words could say. “No, I haven't cleaned it yet but I'm working on that, you can have my room until I do. You can stay here and not have to worry about rent or- or-”
“No, oppa. I can't risk your safety by staying here if those people are after-”
“Oh bullshit! I would much rather you stay here with me where it's safe than you living alone somewhere where you'll be vulnerable to bastards like those!” He snaps at you.
<<Please just listen to me!>> “I'll be careful-”
“Careful doesn't cut it! I'm telling you that I'll protect you from now on, why aren't you listening to me?”
“I can't stay here Seung-Hyun!”
He looks at you with wide eyes and a gaping mouth as he steps forward and sits on the couch besides you again without breaking eye contact.
<<Idiot, you don't have to be a bitch about it.>> You sigh deeply and manage a small smile for him, “I'm deeply grateful for everything that you're doing for me oppa, but trust me when I say that it'll be bad if news got out. I'll stay for a couple of weeks while I find a new place to stay.”
He leans his head back against cushion and covers his face with his hands, exhaling his frustration. “I'm sorry for shouting. It isn't my place to tell you what to do or what not to do,” he mumbles into his hands. He pulls them back and stares up at the ceiling, “I was just scared is all. I'm still scared actually. I've never felt so..... so.....”
You put your hand on his knee and give him a small smile, “Thank you oppa. Thank you for everything you're doing and for saving me last night.”
Seung-Ri tilts his head towards you and smirks, “How bout a thank you kiss, panda style?” he winks at you.
Your mouth drops, “Did you just seriously put on that whole show just to ruin it with that?”
He grins, “So is that a yes to the kiss?”
You scoff then flick your hair at him, “Sorry, I'm a lady. Takes a lot more to get a kiss from me.”
He chuckles, “But I saved you!”
“Yaah! You also keep teasing me!”
He jumps up and spins around then extends his hand towards you, “Then let's talk about love?”
You glare up at him and raise an eyebrow, “Seriously?”
He pulls back his hand and begins dancing the choreography to his song, singing along. “Let's talk about love, let's talk about love, let's talk about you, let's talk about you.”
You shake your head as you close your laptop, “I'm gonna go wash up, excuse me.” You get up and keep your eyes lowered as you walk past him and disappear into the hallway.
“Yaah, I wasn't done!” Seung-Ri calls back but you're already in his room looking for clothes in your suitcase.
You stare at the bathroom doorknob the moment you shut it. <<I should lock the bathroom door.... right?>> You tilt your head to the side in thought then shiver violent at the haunting memories. <<No! What am I thinking?>> You quickly lock it anyways and step away from the door and stare at yourself in the mirror. “But what if he has to use the restroom?” You flicker your eyes at the doorknob again. <<Stop it. Keep that door locked and take a damn bath!>>
You ruffle your hair then sigh and turn on bathtub facet, “relax a bit then go back and keep looking for a place.”
The warm water makes your skin react with goosebumps as you slowly dip in. You lay back and feel every knot in your body begin to ease away.
<<I'm in Seung-Ri's home. I'm in his bathtub. Holy crap I slept in his bed!>> You sink in further until the water covers your lips. <<This is every fangirl's dream, to be so close to their bias. To have him cook for you and OH MY GOD I WAS IN HIS ARMS LAST NIGHT!>> You sit up and cover your mouth to keep you from fangirling out loud. <<No no, cool your jets girl. Nothing is going to happen. This all happened because of last night. Because somewhere along the line, you made enemies....>>
You squeeze your eyes shut and put your hands over your heart to keep it from jumping out of your chest then slowly lay back down in the tub, breathing slowly to relax.
After a while, you emerge from the bathroom and drop off your old clothes in your suitcase. The apartment stood still once again, making your skin irk as if you had been dirty for days. You peeked into the living room and found it empty.
“Aishh, is he always going to disappear like this?” you scratch your head and walk back into the kitchen to grab some food.
A new plate of laid out on the counter with another note on top of its aluminum cover.
“Went out, eat plenty.”
<<I should have left the door open, he probably thinks I don't trust him....>> You grab the plate and take it to living room to eat. Pulling off the aluminum foil off of the plate, your stomach growls at the sight of beef japchae in your hands. “Aishh, I'm starting to regret not giving him a thank you kiss. Why does he do this?”
You stuff your face with delicious japchae as you continue watching Netflix off of your laptop until you're too full. You set the plate down on the coffee table and get cozy on the couch, falling into a food coma.
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love this so much. I have created a foreign flower clip just for this story is think I have every page that has been posted on it.
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