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Hello and welcome! :D Imma cut down to the main point so we can hurry and get to the story because this chapter...... this chapter..... <3 <3 :3 So! Season 1 (the beginning) Season 2 Premiere Seung-Ri's petal thus far~ > Episode 1 -> Episode 2 --> Episode 3 ---> Episode 4 Ok. GO GO GO XD And please enjoy the chapter! :D *bows*
Episode 5~ When you awaken, you notice Seung-Ri was still absent. Darkness presented itself through the window when you looked around. You sigh and readjust yourself on the couch, <<if he comes back, he should be able be the one resting properly on the comfort of his own bed.>> Your phone beeps with an incoming notification early the following morning, making your conscious pry itself from sleep mode. Your eyes slowly open to a dimly lit living room with everything still untouched. The LED light of your phone blinks away, drawing your attention to it. You reach forward and grab it, mindlessly letting your thumb slide across the screen to unlock it. It was message from Seung-Ri. “Spare key to the apartment is under the lamp on my nightstand. Code to get into the complex building is BigBang's anniversary. Be back in later.” You stare at the written text a bit longer then groan in frustration as you let it fall in front of you on the cushion. <<Can't decide if I'm the reason why he left or if he just wanted to escape from something else.>> Your eyes begin to grow heavy with sleep as you argue with your inner demons but instantly sit up when the alarm clock on your phone goes off. “Are you kidding me? How am I supposed to go to work?” you whine, leaning back on the sofa. You force yourself up and drag yourself into his bedroom to get ready for work. <<Maybe I should text one of the members and ask..... wait. No. They'll only ask more questions than answer....>> You gaze at your reflection in the bathroom mirror, “yo'r wan idyot,” you say with a mouthful of toothpaste. You arrive to work an hour before usual due to the various streets you had to take in order to get from Seung-Ri's apartment to the YG building. The chair in your office felt colder than usual, causing a wave of shivers run down your body. “Come on, let's try and get through that those papers today,” you mutter halfheartedly. The day drags on without a single notification from your phone and only with a few interactions between YG's assistants and a couple of your coworkers. You return to Seung-Ri's apartment later that night and still find it empty. The quietness of his apartment took a toll on your mood, making you depressed as you cooked, as you washed up, and even as you laid on the furniture and watched Netflix. <<Why am I feeling like this? I need to be using these moments to find an apartment, to figure out why someone tried to- has been breaking in....>> You turn around on the sofa and coil yourself tightly in a blanket you took from Seung-Ri's room, pulling it up to your nose to fool your brain into thinking he was there, watching over you. The next day was a repeat of the previous day. Empty apartment, minimal communication, and a feeling of loneliness lingering around you at the end of the night. On the third night of his absence, you begin turning on his television to bring some type of life to the apartment, falling asleep to its noise comforting your ears. Your body shivers violently as you subconsciously feel the blanket slipping from your body. <<Aishh, I'll just sleep in the cold then.>> You quiver again, cursing yourself for being lazy and not wanting to move in order to reach for it. The warmth returns just before you fully convince yourself to get the blanket. You let out a soft sleepy moan and melt into the source. “Aishh, you really are a flower,” a soft voice enters your head. A dreadful shudder ripples your body awake at the sound of someone talking in such close proximity. Your eyes tear open as you lunge forward with fear in the pit of your heart as you jerk your head back.
“What?” Seung-Ri chuckles, sitting on the spot where your head laid just a few seconds ago. “You looked so troubled so I figured I could lend a hand, and waking up to this gorgeous face would only make your day better, right?” You glare at him, “Scare me half to death next time okay?” He stretches his arms and pulls you back towards him, forcing you to lean back on him as he adjusts himself so your head rested on his chest. He sighs and twines his fingers, keeping them on your stomach. “This is the life,” he yawns. You turn your head and try to shoot him a stink eye, “You can let go now, I'm not tired anymore.” “Yaah, I just got home and this is how you treat me?” He squeezes you gently as you struggle to pry his hands apart. “Just let me relax a bit longer like this, I've had a long week.” You sigh and let your hands flop in front of you, showing that you forfeit the effort of trying to escape. He takes a hand and pushes your head back so it could rest on his body then silently returns his hand to its twined position. You close your eyes and feel his chest softly raise and fall against your back, making a small smile blossom on your lips. “Can I confess something to you?” his serious voice causing goosebumps down your body. Your mouth dries up the moment he said 'confess,' making you hum a response to show him that you were listening. “I've realized that people find it hard to trust me because of my history,” his tone gets softer. “It's like I have a nasty label printed on my forehead that no one will ever see past.” “Well,” you clear your throat. “What are you doing to distance yourself from that label?” He stays silent. “Well?” you push. “Yaah, I try very hard thank you. It's just something that has stuck with me since who knows when. Even the hyungs tease me about it even though they all know I'm not a..... player.” His voice grew into a whisper as he finished his sentence. You giggle, “well, you do have dark circles underneath your eyes, it makes people wonder why you don't get enough sleep.” “Yaah, a man is a man! So what if I watch it? It's not like I'm up every night watching por-” Your phone alarm goes off, cutting Seung-Ri mid sentence. You slip out from under his arms while he was distracted and turn down the alarm. Taking the opportunity to stretch your limps. “Well, I'm gonna go get ready for work,” you bow your head. As you walk in front of him, Seung-Ri grabs your hand and pulls you back towards him, “Be honest with me, do you see me as a player?” He looks up at you with a gentle face. Your faces relaxes into a soft smile, “Of course not, you're just...... playful.” You pull your hand back quickly and hurry off to his room to grab your change of clothes and slip into the bathroom before he reacts. You manage to make it to work on your usual time without running into Seung-Ri as you left the apartment. The day in the office ran its course faster than usual, granting you the chance to stop by the grocery market on the way back and pick up a few ingredients for dinner without it getting too dark by the time you reach the apartment. With your face molded into a wide, dorky smile, you open the apartment door, only to feel your smile quickly melting when you realize the apartment was empty once again. You roll your eyes and sigh deeply as you set the groceries on the counter. <<Can't believe I walked in here smiling like an idiot. Aishh, think this up and you'll be acting like.....>> “Ugh!” you groan with frustration then shake the thoughts out of your head.
You fire up the stove and begin throwing ingredients together, making the apartment smell like fresh garlic and parsley. You wonder into the living room as the chicken finished baking and switch on the television to create noise in the apartment. You turn off the marinara sauce then grab a plate and begin assembling your dish of chicken parmigiana with melted cheese still bubbling on top. Your mouth waters, pushing you to hurry and take the plate into the next room to enjoy television as your taste buds thanked you for the Italian creation. Several episodes later you check your phone for notifications. <<Aishh. It's already close to midnight and he still hasn't come back..... Maybe I pushed his buttons again. Maybe he leaves to get space.....>> You get up and take the dishes back to the kitchen, rolling up your sleeves as you begin to rinse off the excess sauce and compile together the pots and pans used. “Honey! I'm hoommeee!” you hear Seung-Ri shout in English as soon as he steps into the apartment. You whip around in surprise and see him leaning against the wall, staring at you with a mischievous grin. “Whatchuuu dooin'?” he slurs. You flinch, “Oppa, are you drunk?” He laughs, “Noooo, just, ya know,” he stumbles forward, attempting to come towards you but stays put against the wall. “Just feelin sexy, like always.” You giggle, “Okay okay, let's get you to bed-” “You know I'm bringing sexy back, right?” “W-what?” you look at him confused. Seung-Ri steps forth again and begins singing to Justin Timberlake as he moves around, dancing along. He looks at you and calls you over with a finger, but ends up getting closer to you when you don't budge from your spot. “Yaah, dance with mee,” he sings, spinning around then thrusting his hips towards you. You shake your head, “No thanks, I'm good.” He continues with the Rock Your Body routine, “Why not? Just you and me, just how it should be, just how I want it to be, and just how it will be because I love you.” You shake your head again and return your attention back to the dishes behind you. “Yaah! Did you hear me? I just confessed my feelings to you, I told you that I love you!” he implores. Butterflies begin to take flight in your stomach but you shake the thoughts away and keep your concentration on the dishes in your hand. “You're drunk, oppa. Go to bed.” “Why can't you take me seriously?” his voice hinting his injured pride. You shrug, <<He's just drunk. Don't make the error of falling for that innocent face.>> “I'm so good looking, and I can sing, and you know my dancing skills are off the talent chart so why won't you love me back?” You shut off the faucet and turn to face him, feeling your heart drop the second you lay eyes on his pained face. “You're drunk, oppa. Bed. Go.” You force yourself to say. His faces scrunches up in irritation. He shakes his head and disappears around the wall, slamming his door loudly behind him. You sigh deeply and dry your hands but a rapid knock on the main door makes you jump in your skin. You creep slowly towards the door and peek into the peep hole to see Ji-Yong standing on the other side. Ji-Yong smirks the moment your face appears through the doorway. “Sorry for disturbing you so late, but Ri forgot his phone in my car.” He hands you the black smart phone. You bow your head, “It's okay, I'm just washing up dishes while oppa is sleeping off his drunken state.” Ji-Yong raises an eyebrow, “Drunken state? What?” “Yeah, he came back stumbling and dancing like a drunkard, so I sent him to bed that way he wouldn't wake up with a major hang over.” Ji-Yong smiles, “God he is such a liar. Seung-Ri isn't drunk. He didn't want to drink at all tonight even after TOP-hyung kept insisting. But whatever, just watch out for that panda, he's always causing trouble.” Ji-Yong bows good night, leaving you leaning against the doorway with a mind going in different directions. <<He's not.... drunk? Then why would he act like that?>> You stand at the end of the hall, locked in a trance until Seung-Ri's phone vibrates in your hand. The message banner pops up on his screen.
It was from Ji-Yong. You bite your lip and slowly slide his phone open to read the message. “Dumbass, stop playing around and do it properly.” You stare at the screen until Seung-Ri's words from earlier reply in your head, << 'Just how I want it to be, just how it will be because I love you.....'>> “Crap,” you gasp. You march down the hallway and knock on his door, “Oppa? Oppa are you still awake?” You fail to get a response from the other side, <<Aishh, please don't give me the silent treatment.>> You open the door and barge in, stopping dead in your tracks when you see Seung-Ri in nothing but a pair of shorts standing just a few feet away from you. “I-I'm sorry-y. It can w-wait till m-morning,” you stutter, unable to fight the heat raising to your cheeks. You whirl around to head out the door until Seung-Ri captures your hand and pulls you back inside and shuts the door in one swift move. His arms wrap around you and pin you closely to himself. The heat of bare body against your thin shirt made you shudder, while his hot breath on the back of your neck triggers your lower belly to tighten, unleashing ripples of foreign feelings into your veins. “I really do have these feelings for you,” he breathes, causing the hair on the back of your neck to stand when goosebumps emerge on your body. “A-are y-you drunk?” He sighs, leaning his forehead on your shoulder, “I'm not drunk, I just couldn't hold it in anymore since I have you so close now. I figured that if I drank, I'd have a bit more courage, but I couldn't make myself do it. It didn't feel right. And even when I pretended to have that extra confidence, I realized that it only made me look like a fool in front of you.” Your hands reach up to rest on top of his own. His heat under your hands giving you an extra push to meet him halfway. “I love you too, oppa. I have for a long time and I've been debating on whether to tell you or not too.” Seung-Ri lifts his head instantly, “really? Then I can do this!” He spins you around to face him then leans in to capture your lips before you had a moment to react. His fingers embed themselves into your waist, holding a firm grip as his presses your against his body. Your arms gradually coil around his neck, resting at the nape of his neck as your fingers begin to venture into his hair. He pulls back slowly, not bothering to hide his beaming smile. Your face turns bright red when your lips begin to tingle, realizing exactly what had taken place. “Wow,” he beams. You clear your throat, “w-what?” His smile evolves into a smirk, “come to bed with me?” Your jaw drops, “wait- what?” “Aigoo, don't think bad, I just want to cuddle with my girlfriend is all,” he grins. “Your what?” Seung-Ri lets you go and guides you to the bed then hops on and tugs you down to him. With your head underneath his chin, he pulls up the blankets then rubs your back as he sighs long and hard. “I take it back from earlier. Now this, this is the life.” “Oppa?” “Yes honey?” an obvious smile wraps itself around his words. You prop yourself up and point towards the door, “I still need to finish the dishes and put the food away.” He lowers your head back down and twines his legs with yours as a way to keep you put, “Forget about it. I'll do it tomorrow. Let's just rest tonight.”
*covers nosebleed* Oppa! Getcho (crayon) shirt fixed! XD Our panda has confessed! You're in his arms! Finally, the panda has his flower..........right? Right?! RIGHT?!?!!! Hehehehehe ;) We'll see.... Imma use this opportunity to let you know that we're a few chapters from the end! :D <3 I hope you've enjoyed Seung-Ri's petal thus far as much as I've enjoyed writing it for ya'll :) <3 Tell me your thoughts! :D Especially since this was the confession scene! x3 I wanna know who melted and who also got nosebleeds! XD Thank you so much for reading! See ya'll again on Monday! :D *bows*
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Everything is nice right now! 😊 but I hear a storm coming 😏. Enjoy the panda! 😆
*high pitched screech* IT FINALLY HAPPENED AND IT WAS PERFECT!!!!! I'm so happy but so sad not to be cuddling him in real life right now! *races off to read the next chapter*
Lmao I loved it... haha omg I can't believe he pretended to be drunk to confess lmao but I loved it
yaay @sailynn u got me fangirling here for panda even when u know how I usually feel about him!!!!! 🐼🐼
This panda is trying to get me to switch lanes!!!!!! Seungri, no swiping!!!! PANDA NO..........WHY MUST DESTROY MY HEARTUE?????? WAE PANDA, WAE??!?!?!?!?!??!?!!?
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