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How would your act if you received an email after attending a wedding and the bride asked you to offer a more generous gift? People are getting extremely bold these days. Do people have weddings these days solely for the gifts? I always thought it was about gathering around to celebrate the union of two special people. Well, that doesn't seem to be the case for everyone.
A user on is asking for advice on how to reply to an email that caught her all the way off guard. The new bride started the email off in a polite manner and then it took a turn for the worse when she asked for a larger contribution. Now knowing myself, I probably would've either went off or not replied at all because we all know -- silence is deadly. Keep scrolling to leave a comment voicing your opinion on the topic at hand.

How would you address the bride and her request?

@buddyesd you got one of those too I see
@jordanhamilton I mean tell her new deadbeat husband to put in some overtime, I got my own pain in the...I mean...lovely wife to put up with...I mean cherish
I'd respond that the very fact that I graced her boring ass wedding with my mere presence should be good enough
regrettably, I can't go to EVERY wedding under the sun. typically, I send a card expressing my regrets with a gift inside. on one occasion, the couple stopped talking to me and decided to gossip about me. but they sure didn't mind cashing the generous check that I sent them!
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