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Glow baby, glow.

If you can't get it naturally, add your own touch. We all crave that ever so beautiful spring and summer glow. While some women wake up glowing, others have to add a touch of bronzer and highlighter to bring their look to life -- and that's perfectly fine.
Don't worry, it doesn't take much effort at all and it's so worth it. With just easy steps you can have the perfect glow all season long thanks to YouTuber, Chriselle Lim. Keep scrolling to check out her tips and tricks below.

Are you a fan of bare minerals?

Do you follow a specific regime to give yourself the perfect glow?
Ugh my skin is so dry that I can never get dewy finished to happen! I'll just have to watch this a thousand times lol
Oh yes, I am a fan of bare minerals 馃榾 And no, I don't follow a specific regimen for glow
I've heard of peter thomas roth products. may have to give that a try!!! @primodiva93
Love them! The pigments are amazing and super sparkly. I like to put the powder foundation on top of my liquid foundation to suck up any oil. My glow regimen is my usual face routine but I throw my Peter Thomas Roth 24k gold mask in the mix.
well at least you don't have to suffer with combination skin! ugh. I rather have one than both lol @TessStevens