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It seems like I've waited FOREVER for this video!!!!! Everyday until the video came out I was like "They need to drop a dance practice video, I can't wait much longer!" My favorite part of this whole video is when V pushed the camera and the background dancers come out from nowhere. They have been killing me a lot lately, especially Jin. Him and his love for Super Mario.... And then he blows a kiss at me?!?! Boy stop!!! Our Bangtan Boys have grown so much since their debut, and I couldn't be more proud of them!!!! Jin has grown even more as a dancer I'm so proud for him most of all because when BTS first started, he had to work extra hard because he had no experience singing or dancing! I'm a very happy ARMY today! And also, I'm glad that Kookie is feeling better after catching a flu, just hope they all stay healthy and are getting as much rest they can. Our boys have been working so hard and have come so far!!!!! Hope you guys enjoy the video, I've already watched it more than once 😊 I know random a little bit off the topic, but oh well.
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Love it