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so i will be traveling to cali in sept we are headed to Disneyland but i just thought if there was a kpop store near Anaheim California i would die of happiness so if there is one please please tell me or even las vegas.
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Korea town is in L.A. and they have malls there where they told some kpop merch. I'm not sure about an actual kpop store there though. Korean restaurants are everywhere though, but there's only two in my whole state from where I live. When I went to LA last year to go to kcon I got to go to Korea town to make a few friends and test out my korean. almost everywhere I drove I saw korean restaurants though. I'll be going to kcon this year too, this time with premium passes
I know that there's this place called Korea Town but it's like an hour-ish away from Anaheim 馃槙
@KatieRussell this is music plaza website: http://music-plaza.com/ they also sell everything they have in store online the store is located in korea town plaza mall it's worth a trip if you can get to Downtown for a couple hours. but if not just order online the merch and albums are always in good condition. Music Plaza 928 S Western Ave #107, Los Angeles, CA 90006 (213) 385-4725 https://g.co/kgs/YXcdN
I wish I knew! XD I live in San Francisco and I can only find Korean restaurants and supermarkets. Not so much kpop merchandise xD
@KatieRussell my great grandfather in France just died a few days ago so my great grandma is coming to live with my grandma over here. but I finally got a good paying job to where I can afford it and I'm super eager to see bts live. My step sister was supposed to come too but her parents don't want her leaving our state.
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