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*Happy Tears*

It has already been a year since Monsta X debuted. They have been working so hard since before their debut. I'm just so glad I found this group. They have been there to make me laugh, cry, smile, fangirl, etc. in all kinds of situations of my life this past year (more). I've seen how much these guys have struggled to get where they are at today. I will forever be a proud Monbebe and I hope they stay strong and happy together for many more years!

몬스터엑스 사란해요~ ♡ 05.14.2016

Yes! ikr @CrookedShadow !! :O
Whaa!?!?! It's already been a year?!?!?!? O.o
Yay! New Monbebe possibly @otakukpoper ? 😄 Welcome to the fandom, get ready to be sucked in with lots of emotions and happiness from Monsta X! 👏😊
I'm starting to really like monstax
*cries an ocean* 😭😭💖💖💖 I'm so happy I found them!! I can't wait to see how much they'll achieve this year!
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