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Who's going to Kcon NY!
Tickets go on sale today! I'm so excited! all my favorite idols are performing!!!!
Mamamoo! they are little all my babies! and they can sing their butts off!! I'm so excited! ahh!
Eric Nam new album is so soothing and so good! I just love his voice!
Crush though! just Damm!
oh Aliee! how I love thee!!
all 13 of my Babies!
Day 6! let me cry in a corner! they are so talented!!
Btob! such an amazing and talent group! so excited for them!
and last but not least! It gonna be lit with Bts!!
just got my tickets! ahh so excited! who is also going! let's meet up! tag my peeps: @minimanim3 @kpopandkimchi @passthesuga @hopekookie @jinprincess86 @matt95 @ewseungkwan @imahhbanker @polarstarr @Emealia
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what the different between the combo and a single
2 years ago·Reply
@namjoonsbutt may16 is the sart of the singlw tickets sorry
2 years ago·Reply
@2ilVer the combo is for both days of the concert and the single is the choice of one day
2 years ago·Reply
ok but do we choice what day to go or is for only day 1 or what
2 years ago·Reply
@2ilVer for single tickets, yes u get to choose what day you'll atend for the concert(out of the 2 days)
2 years ago·Reply