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He’s asleep when his phone alarm goes off. Instantly awake again he looks up and smiles. “Best pillow ever for a cat nap.”
You lean down and kiss his nose but he grabs you for a full kiss. Letting go he sighs, “Okay back to the grind.”
He gets up, helps you up and leads you back to the set. Since it is final day of shooting, they aren’t sure if it will wind up early or go late. Tentative plans have been made to go celebrate end of shooting at a nearby café.
When the director yells the final cut, your job begins. Crating everything back up to be delivered back to the rental company; noting items broken that will have to be paid for. Boxing everything back up tonight allows for the production company to send them first thing in the morning and get everything wrapped up. You aren’t worried about being here alone; Moonie will be in with the clothing doing the same thing.
When the group comes out; Kyungil steps over to chat.
“Are you coming with us?”
You lift your head up from the vase you’re wrapping in newspaper.
“I can’t, I’m sorry. I have to have everything inventoried and crated by morning so it can be sent back.”
“How long will that take?” He asks surveying all the props on the set.
You smile, “A while. Go have fun with the boys, I’m just going to get this done and go home.” You reach up on tiptoes and kiss him goodbye.
“I’ll check back in with you okay? We might still be there, you can join us later, get you something to eat.”
He turns his head as the guys holler at him from the door. He leans down and gives you another kiss before he turns and heads off with them.
An hour later you’re almost finished. Without people there to distract you it has gone rather quickly. You receive a text picture from Kyungil, he’s leaning over into Dokyun smiling at his phone.
“Miss you… wish you were here.”
You smile, send him back a heart, “Almost finished!”
Ten minutes later your phone buzzes again with a text, you glance down, its Yijeong. Opening the text you see a series of pictures. All the guys goofing off, a lot of Soju bottles, and individual selfies.
SCM: [YN] hurry up, we miss you!
SCM: Don’t tell Kyungil I said that.
You laugh; they must be getting pretty close to drunk. You shake your head and finish up the last little bit. Moonie comes in to help with the last few pieces and the two of you walk out together.
“Are you going over to the café? Want a lift?”
“Actually,” you yawn, “I’ve not been getting a lot of sleep.”
Moonie laughs and hip bumps you, “Yes, we all know dear.”
You ignore him. “I just want to go back to the apartment. Can you drop me off there?”
“Not a problem doll face but you’d better let your man know.”
You shoot off a text to Kyungil with your apologies and climb into Moonie’s car. No lights are on when you arrive; Jak must be either working late or with Jiyong again. You shrug, let yourself in and crawl onto the couch passing out.
When you wake up Saturday morning, you’re still on the couch and Jak is nowhere to be seen. Grabbing your phone you have like ten missed text messages, weird.
SCM: don’t go on social media today okay? Don’t ask just don’t do it.
JAK: Morning! Don’t get upset and don’t get on social media. There are explanations.
JAK: I mean it! Don’t do it!! I know you’re curious but STOP!
What the hell is going on? Did something happen to Kyungil or one of the guys last night? Now you’re feeling anxious wondering what everyone is so afraid you’ll see.
MJA: Morning Beautiful, missed you last night. Couldn’t sleep without you.
MJA: Shit. Don’t get on social media yet okay? I’ll take care of it, don’t worry.
MJA: I can explain, it isn’t what it looks like at all – ask the guys.
MJA: Please don’t let this set us back, are you up yet? Can I come over?
MJA: [YN]…Jagi…answer me.
Now you’re worried for a different reason. What doesn’t seem like it appears? To hell with them all, you open your Facebook and start to scroll. You find it halfway down your newsfeed; a picture of Kyungil and the group at the café last night. However, this one isn't on that the guys took. It’s a picture of Kyungil being kissed by a woman that is draped all over him. Your eyes open wide; wow, could she get any skankier? She has hardly anything on and how she’s draped herself over him; little is left to the imagination.
I want to apologize to all kyungils fans, I am the one who was draped all over him. he was just helping me when I slipped. lol
Another set back?! Oh god I hope this doesn't throw a wrench in our plans 😰
Dang, he better be fixing this. After everything we've been through she doesn't get to show up and try to ruin things. I want to trust him, he better prove that I can. 😡 you gonna explain that huh?!! Ohh she was drunk and fell on me lips first!? Uh huh...major explaining to do Mr.!!!!!😡😡😡
@Jinnyrod3 likely story :p hahaha!
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