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Mental health.. First off let me say that since world War II, our society and government have created such a social stigma against mental health that coming here is almost a joke. I have been waiting for five years now to receive my disability benifits for physical and mental disorders. While I'm not as bad as some....I find it difficult to continue as I am right now... for the last 6 years I have been gainfully employed..until last month. I was let go because I can no longer perform my duties....I am going to turn 31 in 22 days and can no longer work because I suffer from very painful spinal stenosis.. my employer claims that this was due to work place misconduct and subsequently termanated me and is denying me even the unemployment I have paid into... I am on the verge of losing my home, car and lively hood because...well let's face it, no matter what the news tells, us the job market is really shitty right now...I was making $50,000 a year without having finished my associates..and I'll be lucky now to find a part time that I can actually work that will even make a tenth of that. Don't get me wrong this just another hurdle in the game of life... I will find away I always do...but i feel consumed by the negativity of world... I am tired of giving this country and the people who run it my services.. we've bailed them out, conformed to new regulations and have adapted to there needs... but when the time comes for them to hold up there end of the deal...they tell the American people "FUCK YOU". it is certain that I will lose everything that I have worked for..I will over come and find my way, but one must ask themselves how many times is to much?..
I am really, very sorry that it's so ridiculously hard for veterans to get what they rightfully deserve. It's b.s. I deal with it a lot, too. My father and two of my brothers are veterans. Almost every male and half of the females in my extended family have served. (And it's a huge family... You have no idea lol) My dad is disabled and I'm constantly battling for Something to be handled correctly. I feel like I do more of the work than "They" do. Then there is my son... His father was a veteran, then became a cop and maintained active reserve status. So there was a lot of confusion when he was KIA. I spent a year and a half hashing that mess out with the VA. >_< I should get paid to work for Them at this point. UGH!! I agree with you. It's beyond messed up. I rage about it a lot. We should talk sometime. I also understand your physical pain. My back's a mess, too. My doctor actually has to block off the entire nerve pathway so that I can continue to dance, but we don't even know how much longer that will last because the blocks are lasting shorter and shorter amounts of time. I have other stupid things trying to take my body down that I constantly battle against, but I'm a stubborn, stubborn southern woman. Lol Anyways, I'm kind of rambling I guess. I think it's completely disgusting that this is happening to you and to other Veterans across this country. It absolutely has to stop!
There definitely needs to be more appreciation for veterans
@ButterflyBlu My heart ❤ goes out to you. Thank you for family's sacrifice, it was the ultimate price to pay...And I am so sorry for your loss...And I don't mind the rambling one ☝ bit...helps keep me distracted from the 🐎💩 that's going on in my life. if you ever just want to vent or talk hit me up .