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Which body type do would you like to see?
Long Hair or Short hair?
I need your help guys!! I'm pretty hung up on what to pick for the MC of The Bionic Magic King! I thought I'd have a vote on what you'd like to see what you would like the most so I can try and Draw him out for you guys to see!! Leave a Like and comment what you'd like to see. It will help me out in the long run I promise!! @Aimebolanos @tylor619cruz @SAMURXAI @SimoneSanders @NeckoNecko @DesiphirXIII @simplynick @littlemaryk @DestinyAgnew @InVinsybll @ShinigamiSan
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left short. he's military he'd have short hair no doubt
@SAMURXAI yea ur right about that thats Y i was imaging him with short instead of long
@DestinyAgnew yeah, not to downplay long hair lol, but to fit the character and situation I have been imagining him with like short black hair.
left and short would look awesome in my opinion :3. either way should come out looking great
left and short