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Annyeong! Reporter Taemi here! There have been an incident that Eric Nam and other artists under B2M Entertainment, got cheated out of their money! Seoul Central District Court revealed on May 13th that they have sentenced the former manager of B2M Entertainment name Jeon, to 8 months in prison! Until his resignation in 2014, he was in charge of securing TV appearances and managing events for the B2M's artists such as Eric Nam, Spica, Lee Hyori, Heo Young Saeng, Kim Kyujong, Nicole Jung, and more.
It has been told that former manager Jeon reportedly misappropriated the funds from B2M artists' profits a total of eight times, including 4.5 million KRW ($3,819 USD) from Heo Young Saeng's past photo shoot contract!
The court stated, "Jeon inappropriately used the company funds for himself, the damage for which is very severe and currently not being restored." This giving the reason for ruling.
I feel bad for Eric and the other artists , they didn't deserve that. Well I hope nothing like that won't ever happen again. That's why you have to be careful who you put your trust in because things like this could happen.


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Do you think Jeon should get more than 8 months in prison? What are your thoughts?

Reporter @parktaemi

He should serve the jail time AND have to pay back all the money he stole.
He should have to pay back all of the money. Plus he should get more jail time. he stole money from the QUEEN, Lee Hyori馃槶
Holy shit, I nearly got two years in jail for having a nail file on school property ( I do live in America btw). And he's only getting 8 months for theft??? does he even have to pay the money back to the artists???
@DasiaB he about to get 8 months and his ass kicked! I'm ready to fight 馃憦馃憡馃槀
hell yeah he should. they work hard at what they do. I also agree with Sungiekitten that he should pay the money back.
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