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I woke up breathing heavily, sweat dripping, and my heart thumping loudly in my ears. My eyes wide scowering my room in the dark for anything to calm me down. A nightmare... Haven't had one in a while.... but this one seemed so real... as if it happened. I was being chased down a dark ally. I could feel the cold water splash against my legs as i ran in the dark of night. Why didn't i turn around and fight? I got my answer as i halted looking to see if i had been followed this far. Sweat dripping down with tears threatening to come out as i panted. I saw nothing so i bent over resting my hands on my knees catching my breathe. Silence. I stood up straight, cautiously walking forward towards the end entrance of the ally. "You didn't think you could get rid of us did you?" A chill ran up my spine as i closed my eyes refusing to turn around... i knew that voice too well and the one that came after it. "Sweetie, we missed you. Why did you run? Oh wait, I know why." I felt sick, i had run away from them and now my parents.... found me... "I have an idea! If we get rid the reason, then you'll have to come back!" I turned around shaking in anger. "No! Don't you dare!" I looked them in eyes... the eyes that are haunting my dreams again. "Watch us." That's all i remember before waking up. The past haunts me and i can't get rid of it. What I did back then only delayed it more... and now they're back, but not physically, i had made sure of that a while ago. I took deep breathes closing my eyes. Opening them i looked at the clock '4:36' was glowing in green numbers, the only light in my room. *Sigh* I was sticky with sweat so i decided to get up and wash off, not like i was going to sleep anyways. _ * _ * _ * I threw on jeans, a black tee and hoodie. Grabbing my house keys before throwing on my tennis shoes exiting the empty house. It was only 5 when i left so i had a lot of time before Yoongi would come. I decided to walk to the convienence store we had been supposed to meet at yesterday. A faint laugh came out as i remembered. Looking at my reflection through the glass door i could see my red, puffy eyes. Guess showers can't fix everything. I sighed opening the door headed towards the coffee and snacks. "Hey, stranger." I turned around to see who called my name. If I'm correct his name is Namjoon, one of Yoongi's friends. "Hey. Namjoon, right?" He chuckled showing his cute dimples, "Yeah, you're Y/N. The one Yoongi won't shut up about." I felt a blush creep up my cheeks. "Is that so?" "Yep, you're all he goes on and on about." "A-ah, i-i see." i turned around trying to hide my face just to hear him laughing. "You wanna hang out with the rest of us? We're headed to Hoseok's dance studio. Yoongi won't be there though, he said something about preparing for later." He eyed me as he finished the last part. "You wouldn't know his plans would you?" "Me?!?" my voice came out more high pitched them normal because of how flustered i was. Yoongi's name enough kept making me think of what i did yesterday... oh gahd. Clearing my throat i continued. "I mean me? How could i possibly know what's going on in his head?" I turned around facing him. I could see his other friends coming up behind him, Jimin, Jin, Taehyung, Hoseok himself, and Jeongguk. "Ready to go, hyung?" Jimin asked before stopping to look me up and down, a smile flashing across his face. "You're Y/N, right?" "Yes, and you're Jimin, Jin, Taehyung, Hoseok, and Jeongguk." i said pointing to each of them. "He does talk about us!" Taehyung said, his face lighting up. "Why wouldn't he?" "He pretends that we bother him when in reality he would be lost without us." Jin stepped in. "Oh." "Yep, it's really stupid if you ask me." Jeongguk cut in with Hoseok nodding along. "So... you coming?" Namjoon questioned. "Ummm. Sorry, but i have to pass. It was nice seeing you all though." I said walking passed them, completely forgetting about my coffee and snack. Everyone should still be asleep, why were they there? Oh well, guess a walk is good too. The cool air hit my face relaxing me as i walked in the park i went to with Yoongi the other day. Why do i keep remembering? A long sigh passed through my lips. I decided to check my phone, '6:50'. I decided to sit on the bench and closed my eyes just enjoying the quiet before everyone would start to come here later. The sun started rising and i could feel it's warmth on the back of my head. _ * _ * _ * I decided to head back to my house at 11 to make sure i was ready before Yoongi came to pick me up. I opened the door, throwing off my shoes. I got changed into something more presentable. Combat boots, camo-pants, the same black tee and a leather jacket. I went to the bathroom to wash my face. *Sigh* How do tear streaks last so long? Well they'll be gone when i wash my face... maybe even light coverage. _ * _ * _ * KNOCK KNOCK! "Coming!" i called running out of my room to open the door. There he stood, he looked.... stunning to say the least. His hair was brushed this time, he looked as tired as me, which i smiled a little at. A bright smile appeared on his face. "Hey, Y/N. You ready?" "Yep! Let's go!" I giggled walking passed him to exit. He led me to his car and drive off once we were both in. "So where are you taking me?" "It's a surprise." "Come on, just a hint." I whined. Why am i so excited? "Nope, you'll guess it right away." he smirked as i sighed and looked out the window. "This better be good." i grumbled trying to keep a smile of my face from his playfulness. "It is! Believe me, I had been thinking all-" he cut himself off. "U-uh nevermind." his eyes flickered from me back to the road. "Awe, and here i thought you would just throw something together." i teased. "Yah!" he whined. "Don't tease me. Remember my goal here." he laughed. "Of course, you want to make me 'realize my feelings for you.'" i put up air quotes smirking a little. "I never said... that." "But it's what you meant." i poked his side. "No distracting the driver." he laughed. "Haha." - * - * - *
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