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안녕하세요... Hello Hello!! KPopBeat here to bring you another episode of Daily MV Hook Up!! Today we are going to do Kim Hyun Joong's MV Unbreakable Ft. Jay Park. I love this song and honestly I love the MV... And we are going to do Break Down ft. Double K... and Please.... Yup you guessed it... I couldn't decide which one I wanted to do so I decided...... yup! Do them all!! These three are probably my very favorite songs by Kim Hyun Joong. Although the acoustic song he sang and played on Boys Over Flowers was another that came to mind. I do love his voice and he can dance. So of course he is on my list of very talented artists I pay attention to.
This 86' star acts, sings, dances and even raps... Yup I said it.. Kim Hyun Joong is the Leader and main rapper of the boy group SS501. He debuted under DSP Media in 2005 but later left to join KeyWest in 2010 to explore his own solo career. Kim Hyun Joong is currently serving his mandatory military service and will be discharge in February 2017.
The first song I am going to share is Please... Why? Because we are going to slowly dip you into this mix before killing you with Unbreakable.....
This song is on the top of my favorite ballads. I just found it stuck in my head the moment I heard it. I decided to add this one to the list to show off Kim Hyun Joong's wonderful vocal abilities. I do enjoy listening to his voice and hoped that for some of you ballad lovers this song would be more to your liking!
IF a ballad isn't your cup of tea then let me introduce the next song I picked out for this list. Break Down.
This upbeat, dance song is something that is sure to be more to your liking. Personally I like the dance to this song and of course I love the beat.... Not to mention I love the theme for this one. Those are some awesome outfits... anyways..... This one is a good one to listen to while running... I would know... that is what I do lol
Last but not least I am going to share Unbreakable with you.... funny thing about this song is as a fan girl... when I watched it for the first time... I think I did break... but you will have to watch it to find out... all I have to say is rain, dancing and a red light? hmmm............
Okay.. You didn't go into shock right? In all honesty this is probably my favorite songs from him.... and before you roll your eyes @Sailynn it is not only because of the shirtless rain dance scene... though I must admit that..... yea... it wasn't bad to look at. I actually really like the smooth rap by Jay Park and the amazing choreography. The song in itself from the track to the vocals actually grabs my attention. This is another one on my dance/running list.
Did you like it? Which of the three songs was your favorite? Do you guys like it when I post more than one song by the artist/artists or do you prefer I learn to make up my mind and only post one song a day? Let me know people!!
Hope you all enjoyed it!
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@KPopBeat OUT!!
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He was my very first bias getting into the Kpop world back in 2012. I can't wait until he is discharged!
@HopefulHopie He is having his personal issues but as I do not know what is really happening or what is true and what is fabricated i feel it is best to just look at him for his personal talent as a musician. some people are unable to keep those two things separated
@KpopBeat. can't wait. a lot of people don't like him but I love him. always
He is my husband, he was the first artist I downloaded on k pop. I miss him.
love him.....I'm still iffy on his drama this past year but I don't plan on turning my back on him. he is talented.
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