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I became devoted to them at the start of BTH era. I was into how talented they were and seeing how hard they worked for the choreography of the song. I wish I had been there when they debuted. They are well talented, wokring just as hard (maybe even harder) to get themselves out there as much as possible. I wish for them to be more popular and win 1st place someday.
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Idk if it's weird to answer this post after you put this up a while back but here goes. I was on pinterest and came upon a pin of Might Just Die--six pack abs on five guys in black and white was enticing--and so begun my interest. Of all the k-pop I'm into they reign king for me because they don't stick to a specific genre. I love What Am I To You.
I first heard about these guys around the Psycho/What Am I To You era when I saw the mv for Psycho when I was searching for UNIQ mv's. I was so glad to click on the video cause I instantly fell in love with these boys. They're so different from your other kpop groups. And they work so hard to become well known. And I really hope they do and win awards because they deserve it! I wish I had been there since Dreamer when they debuted but I'm just glad I clicked that video and these boys came into my life cause I'm now a Storia for life! 馃挅
my little sister and I were studying Korean when she decided to show the Psyco video. Instant love.
My first time seeing them was when I found Psycho and I fell for them immediately, I went on a History hunting spree looking for all their videos
I was surfing YouTube. I was looking for kpop MV and one of History showed up. I was instantly in love. I had to find out more about them. Who are they? What's their names? I wanted to know everything about them.
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